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A Deal with a Stranger
(Printed Version)

A Deal with a Stranger
(Ebook Version)

Clara is happy with her life in Sardinia. She has a wonderful family, great friends, and most of all, Paolo, the boyfriend she adores. Summer is approaching, with its bright promises, and she knows that Paolo will propose soon.

However, things turn out differently: Paolo leaves Clara, when she least expects it. Her whole world crumbles and from that point onwards, things start to take an unusual turn.

Clara is approached by Lucilla, a mysterious girl who offers to help. She can win Paolo back for her, but in return, Clara has to fulfil a bizarre request. Nothing makes sense to Clara from then onwards, but she’s prepared to fight to get Paolo back.

But everything comes at a price. How can Clara keep her double life hidden from family and friends? Who is, in reality, Lucilla? Can Clara really trust her? Will the reward justify all the struggles along the way?


Obviously by now you're totally hooked and you want to read more.
Click on the book links, it will take you to Amazon where you can view some chapters on "Click to look inside"

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